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College Fees

The College is primarily funded by the European Social Fund, consequently there are no tuition fees for all EU nationals. However all students are required to make the following financial contributions.

The College is primarily funded by the European Social Fund, consequently there are no tuition fees for all EU nationals. However all students are required to make the following financial contributions:

€250 Student Services

These services include the supply of certain classroom and study materials, field trips, industrial site visits, guest lecturers, the provision of training (examples include manual handling, patient handling, conflict resolution and leadership courses), free IT and printing supports for students, the availability of many leisure and recreational pursuits and the ongoing support of College teams and societies.

  • Exemptions: There are no exemptions from this charge; however students whose VTOS place has been confirmed will be refunded the charge.

€200 Department of Education and Skills (DES) Programme Participant Contribution

Since Budget 2010 the DES has stipulated that all participants on Further Education (FE) courses are required to pay €200 to secure their place on their chose course.

  • Exemptions: All students who are holders of a medical card of a dependant of a medical card holder, receive VTOS or BTEA are exempt from paying this charge. Students who successfully apply for and receive a student maintenance grant will be refunded this charge.

€50/€80 Examination Fees

Further Education Training and Awards Council / Quality & Qualifications Ireland (FETAC/QQI). FETAC/QQI is an internationally recognised educational accrediting body. The vast majority of courses in the college are certified by QQI. The FETAC/QQI examination fees for the coming academic year are €50 for a level 5 qualification and €80 for a level 6 qualification. This fee is paid at registration at the beginning of the year.

The remaining courses offered by the College are certified by other accrediting bodies namely: CIDESCO, ITEC, ICM, CPA, IATI, EDI and MOS. Information regarding extra costs is outlined in the relevant course information in this prospectus.

Exemptions: All students who receive VTOS are exempt from paying examination fees; students who are holders of a medical card or a dependant of a medical card holder are exempt from paying FETAC/QQI examination fees only.


Most courses in this College cost €500/€530.

Payment Methods

Follow the link to and login with your username and password as detailed in your acknowledgement letter from the College.

Click proceed to make payment online.

Applicants can make payment on registration day or call to the office with cash, cheque, bank draft, postal order, MasterCard, Laser or Visa.




Refer to our current refund policy.


Table of Fees Information


Registration Fees

Examination Fees

Course Materials/ Manuals, Kits

Total Cost

Accounting Technician  Year 1





Accounting Technician  Year 2





Graduate Diploma in Financial Management


£232 ICM (sterling)


€450 + £232

International Airline Studies


€50 QQI

€200 - Galileo



Travel & Tourism


Year 1 =

€ 50 QQI

€200 Galileo


Year 2 =

€80 QQI

€50 Travel Agency Package


Year 1 =€700





Year 2 = €580

Beauty Sales Advisor


QQI 50

Materials €350


Beauty Therapy


Beauty Therapy QQI LV 5

€50 QQI


Beauty Therapy QQI Lv 6

€80 QQI



Beauty Therapy ITEC Year 1 = €20 QQI

€312 = ITEC


Beauty Therapy ITEC  Year 2 =

€270 = CIBTAC

€224 = ITEC

QQI Lv 5 =

€250 =Materials

Kits/uniforms etc = 552

QQI Lv 6 =

€250- Materials

Other materials TBA


ITEC Year 1 =€250 Materials


uniform/kits etc


ITEC Year 2

€160 – Materials


QQI Lv5 €1302



QQI Lv 6 €780






ITEC Year 1 €1649




ITEC Year 2 €1104

Make- up Artistry


€135 ITEC

€50 QQI

€1059 – unform/kits etc


Nail Technician


€135 ITEC

€20 QQI

€696 – uniform/kits etc


Health and Well Being Therapies


1 Year

ITEC €412

QQI €20


2nd Year ITEC€411

QQI €20

1ST Year materials €273


2ND Year materials €117



1ST Year

Total €1155




2nd Year

Total €998

Personal Trainer with Sports Massage


€306- ITEC

€20- QQI

Materials  €251

Total 1,027

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